Principal Message

Welcome to Tadika Anak Bintangku, 童心园.

Dear Parent,

Welcome to our website to know more about us and do let me share with you briefly about our schools.

Tadika Anak Bintangku, Taska Anak Bintangku and Pusat Jagaan Anak Bintangku is a kindergarten, nursery and daycare centre which not only concern on your child’s academic but also on your child’s character, behavior and developmental.

Just like our philosophy, “Children’s benefit in priority; nature is our life, our syllabus and our main direction”. We are doing our best to give variety of programmes for your child, letting your child to connect the earth with bared foot, letting them to love nature through activities and programmes.

TAB and PJAB are like a second home for our children, teachers and parents. We want to be a home which our children, parents and teachers can be proud of. We build up our children’s self-discipline and self-management through variety trainings in humanity way. To our teachers, we grow together like siblings. We care and help each other when facing difficulties; and we share the happiness and success story.

To our parents, we open 52 weeks a year so you may concentrate with your work while we work alongside with you in the best interests of your child at all times.

Once again, thank you for being with us all the time!

Yoong SY
Tadika Anak Bintangku
Pusat Jagaan Anak Bintangku

Yoong SY | Tadika Anak Bintangku